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Snooze button.

My snooze button has far too much control over my life. I start every weekday at its mercy. I go to bed every night with great plans to be awake before cowering to its wrath the next morning. Few hours later… the damn snooze button returns with all its force, imagine the aliens coming over a hill in War of the Worlds and you’re close to the sense of impending doom that the Snooze-button-battle brings.

Saturday and Sunday mornings must have signed a peace treaty with my Snooze button, because I’m nearly always awake before it, I beat it to the punch!

Nowadays I also have my teenage daughter’s to contend with. Her Snooze button is much grumpier, more irritable and more cantankerous than mine! In fact it makes my Snooze button seem like a purring kitten.

I wish I had a Cntrl+Z option in life. How many times have I wished for the ability to go back and undo or change the choices I have made? The things I have done, the items I have missed, the bad decisions I have made… two buttons… gone! Imagine always having the benefit of hindsight? Fantastic!

I wish I had a Pause button. My father is ageing, my children are growing up too fast, my MS is slowly progressing. A Pause button would allow me to freeze great moments and to make sure I enjoy every second of them.

I would love a Rewind button. Not too different to Cntrl+Z.

My mother died 16 years ago, some of my good friends have moved away, some people I held so dear have passed on, to have a Pause button would afford me the wonder of reliving some great moments and memories.

Lastly, I could really do with a Cntrl+Alt+Delete option. A factory reset. In fact now I’m writing this, I realise this is the function I need MOST! Forget the mistakes and sleep-ins, a factory reset would solve so many of my issues. I think it would cost significantly less than the medication I take daily to maintain any semblance of normality in my nervous system. My right hand shoots up in the air like an enthusiastic student, sir, sir, SIR! I have the answer! Three buttons… restart, reset. I have the solution I’ve been looking for, hooray!

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