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For instant giddiness…

add eggs, flour, milk and blue food colouring.

This Mother’s Day, my children are making a concerted effort to keep me happy, give me lots of hugs and make me gallons of coffee. On any other day, this behaviour would make me suspicious, wondering what their motives are and trying to guess their current scheme. This illustrates the flip-side to my daughter (the infamous teenager from last week’s post), who has put so much of her effort and pocket money into buying me gifts over the last few weeks. My pocket-money-less son made me a lovely card, any money he had, has been blown weeks ago on Xbox games.

My kitchen resembles a mad scientist’s laboratory at the moment, as my little darlings are baking a cake. Any mothers reading this will understand why I’m viewing this ‘treat’ with much trepidation. Hearing the words “stop, it’s spraying all over the place!” as you pass your kitchen, is not really what you want to hear shouted over background noises of the mixer and splosshhh sounds.

“Oooh thanks.” More coffee. I might as well relax now before arming myself with every possible cleaning product to bring my kitchen back to normal when they have finished baking, no doubt I’ll need bleach to attack some blue stains too!

Oh, wait, there may be a hidden motive after all… I’ve just been asked can we get a Chiwawa!! In between my squawks of laughter, I think I get my message across, that there is absolutely ZERO chance of us getting a Chiwawa. “Now put the cake in the oven and leave me and my caffeine fueled nerves in peace.” In peace with my thoughts by the fireside. In peace to put my feet up on a lazy Sunday. In peace to fully appreciate my wonderful children for all they have done for me, and to be grateful for the fact that they are old enough now to actually leave me in peace.

We will end our afternoon with blue tongues, or as my son just said “we’ll look like inside out Smurfs.”

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