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The soundtrack to my life.

My soundrack has its own record label called Contrasts & Contradictions. The publishers I hired are called Unpredictability – they sold themselves, an obvious choice over Samey & Boring Ltd. My mp3 list could be compared to a smorgasbord of tasty Mediterranean delights, mixed with some over-ripe blue cheese and furry pears.

Ella Fitzgerald’s singing calms me greatly. So can the Chemical Brothers, it all depends on my mood. Rage Against the Machine make great listening for peeling potatoes.  Such a mundane task is livened up by screaming “*uck you I wont do what you tell me” at a half peeled vegetable.

It’s a toss-up between Groove Armada and Massive Attack for dusting. Ooh Baby it’s wonderful when the TV doesn’t have ashes stuck to its clingy static. I see you baby… shaking that duster. LMFAO or any classic from the Pete Tong collection must accompany my hoovering, preferably blasted through headphones, what eardrum damage, huh?

Metallica are marvelous companions for cleaning windows. I wouldn’t chance them on any single glazing though. Basement Jaxx are great for cleaning the bathroom. Not for the obvious reason, for the ‘oh my gosh’ reaction to your sparkling tiles and sink.

When I’m a walking I strut my stuff, as well as I can using a cane nowadays, the blister in my sun – as the Violent Femmes would say. One of my proudest moments, was when my daughter at the age of 10, identified the opening notes to Pixies’ Monkey Gone to Heaven when her teacher was plucking at his guitar, much to his amazement! I held my head high as I left the next parent-teacher meeting. She might not be the hardest worker in class, but she is definitely getting a good rounded education at home! In a musical and culinary sense anyway. The fundamental tools for life.

Listening to Smashing Pumpkins or Tribe Called Quest (I drunkenly missed Nick Cave…) makes Molson Park, Toronto (1994) feel like yesterday. That summer had a whole separate soundtrack of its own, entitled ‘Tequila – the best Summer of my Life’. Including a few surprises such as Sade, Gypsy Kings and the Counting Crows – where did they come from?? The first two from a dodgy Korean Jukebox and a summer spent living in delightful squalor with a bunch of lovable South Americans. The last one from a lovely Ugandan’s stereo. Incidentally- he claimed to be the son of Uganda’s Minister for Environment. I never looked it up, Google wasn’t around then, not for another 4 years, imagine! If any of you are interested, there is a riveting sounding publication available called ‘National Environment Management Policy for Uganda 1994’. Feel free to peruse… knock yourselves out!

Back to reality… for school runs my soundtrack is increasingly influenced by my kids, in a good way as thankfully so far their taste is pretty decent. Macklemore for her, Artic Monkeys for him, and we all agree on Animals from Martin Garrix to blast away the cobwebs on a frosty morning.

My soundtrack may be stuck in time a little. I am still adding to my playlist, gone are the hazy days of Limewire, I now have to download legally. Besides, I’ve paid a fortune to Contrasts & Contradictions for their worldwide promotions campaign and have invested far too much time working with Unpredictability on imagery and marketing material. As for the pretentious idiots at Samey & boring Ltd. who sneer at my taste and choices? Well they can keep their opinions firmly stuffed in the pockets of their judgmental fitted shirts and skinny jeans (rolled up over expensive looking loafers), because this girl’s tastes will continue to change, continue to be influenced by my mood and hopefully continue to discover great new additions to my playlist for getting me through life.

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